Dream Mandala by Grant Hulburt

Dream Wisdom

Why do I dream?
Why do I have the same dream
 over and over?
Why do I have scary dreams?


Everyone dreams though not everyone remembers their dreams.  Mental health professionals generally agree that dreaming is as necessary for your health as is sleep.  However, if we ignore dream content, we are missing an opportunity to know ourselves at a deeper level.  Exploring our dream life will take us below the surface of our personality to uncover our deeper concerns.  We can understand ourselves better.  

The language of dreams (metaphors, archetypes, images, puns, recurring themes, and humor) are doors to a deeper awareness of your true nature.  Even nightmares have a purpose,  and it isn’t to make your life miserable.  Using the projective dream work method, we have the opportunity to learn from each other’s insights.  Ideas that someone has about the meaning of your dream are really just projections of what the dream would mean to them.  This may be useful to you as the dreamer or not.  As the dreamer, you are always the ultimate authority.
If exploring your dreams intrigues you, begin your dream journal.  Here’s how:

  • Have paper or a journal and a pencil/pen by your bedside.

  • When you first wake up, write the entire dream as best you can remember.  Include details.

  • Use present tense, as in “I am in a boat . . . .”

  • Or you may just jot notes about the dream and write it in more detail when you are more awake.  This is less effective, especially in the beginning.

  • Give the dream a title.

  • Share your dream with a friend or a group.

If you’d like to learn more, a beginning Dream Workshop teaches you

  • Guidelines of dream interpretation

  • Types of dreams

  • Techniques to uncover the message of your dreams

  • Why we have nightmares

  • The value of sharing your dreams in a group

  • Dreams as an avenue to your deeper Self


I have been participating in dream groups since the mid-1990s and facilitating dream groups and workshops since 2005.  I have offered dream workshops, classes, groups or retreats at Clark College, the Interfaith Spiritual Center, Urban Spirituality Center, the Franciscan Spirituality Center, Community UU Church, and the UU Church of Vancouver.  Please emailyour interest or call 360.608.8572.

My professional training includes a Certificate in Projective Dream Work offered by the Marin Institute of Projective Dream Work, the Dream Work Conferences offered by the Haden Institute in North Carolina, and the Oregon College of Oriental Medicine workshop. I continue to study and experience dream work on many levels.