Gretchen Meyer

A spiritual director and mentor since 1999 I am available in Portland and Vancouver, and via Skype or phone. My graduate work at Antioch University—Seattle focused on working within systems for transformation.  My graduate project, “Community as Spiritual Practice,” a training for lay ministry, led me to my passion: Being present to those who seek self-transformation through the deep listening of spiritual direction .

My training and experience include:

~~  Certificate in the Art of Spiritual Direction from the Priory Spirituality Center in Lacey, WA, a 2-year formation.

~~  Completion of Interfaith Spiritual Psychology Intensive at Chaplaincy Institute.

~~ Completion of Gathered to the Center, at the Priory Spirituality Center, formation in group spiritual direction.

~~  Certification as Projective Dreamworker from the Marin Institute of Projective Dream Work.

~~  Enneagram Professional Certification from Enneagram Portland.

~~  Certification as Supervisor of Spiritual Directors.

~~  Master of Arts in Whole System Design, Center for Creative Change, Antioch University, Seattle, Community as Spiritual Practice.

~~  Over 30 years experience living into the joys and challenges offered through participation in religious congregations. 

~~  Over 25 years designing and facilitating adult religious education programs, classes, workshops and retreats.


~~ My spiritual journey ~~


I was born into a family torn by religious tension between the Catholicism of my father’s family and the Protestantism of my mother’s.  When their marriage ended, my mother married an atheist, and my spiritual longings were then nurtured by my grandmother.  My Catholic friends assured me I might find a place in Purgatory, but deep within I knew that their God loved me equally. 

As a young teen, I chose the Methodist church and became active in the Methodist Youth Fellowship.  Sunday evening meetings and summer camp on Lake Tahoe gave me a grounding in Christian values and story.


As a young adult, living and traveling abroad as well as throughout the US and Canada added new ideas to my expanding consciousness.  Over the next several years I focused my energy on family life and being the best mom I knew how to be.  We spent as much time as we could connecting to the natural world, hiking, camping, and even returning to the land on a small farm.  However, the still small voice within kept inviting me toward a connection to something more and to a desire to figure out what God means.  


My husband would have none of it, and when my marriage ended, I realized I was free to listen to that small voice.  I soon found solace and community among Unitarian Universalists as well as encouragement to continue my exploration of the teachings of all world religions.

As I sorted through my personal beliefs and values, my life choices became integrated with my authentic self. This has not been easy, and it was during a spiritual crisis that I discovered the value of a Spiritual Director. I continue this relationship today.

I have come to believe that The One who we humans call “God” is the same in all spiritual traditions, but we humans understand Him/Her/It through different lenses, much like through different stained glass windows.  The Light of The One shines through to us in ways that we are ready to understand.

My lens may not be yours, but I love being in a spiritual companioning relationship where I can listen and begin to see through your lens and help you gain clarity.





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