What is Spiritual Direction?

   Some people say spiritual direction is a way of hearing God. The word “direction” may give you the wrong impression. Throughout the ages, people have sought spiritual mentoring or companioning, someone with whom to walk a spiritual path. These are all different ways of naming how one person helps a seeker to uncover and discover, to see and claim, to receive and revere the Divine Energy in one’s life.

   There are many names for the Mystery humans call God ~~ Higher Power, Divine Energy, Great Spirit, Nature, Ultimate Reality, Great Mother, Goddess, MotherFather God and simply God.


   Most of us at some time in our lives find ourselves looking for meaning beyond the busyness of the everyday. The companionship of a Spiritual Director can be a great help in finding your own spiritual direction.

How does it work?


   Usually we about once per month for an hour.  Sometimes if there is a lot going on or a client is new, we meet more often for a few sessions if you wish.  Ask me about my sliding scale.


   During spiritual direction sessions, we weave memory, story, experiences, dreams, emotions and body feelings, relationships with others and with the Divine, meditation, prayer and listening into our conversation.  The intention is to get in touch with the Sacred in everyday experience.


   To assist you in determining your goals for Spiritual Direction, here are some questions that are some of the issues that arise in Spiritual Direction:


~~  How would I describe myself?  What do I judge to be my limits to becoming fully the person I want to be?  What do I see as my strengths that convince me that I have something to give?


~~  When do I feel most at home with myself?  What attracts me and is life-affirming?


~~  When do I feel most ill-at-ease with myself, most uncomfortable?  What repels me?  What blocks me from enjoying each moment in life?  Being myself?


~~  What are my great hurts, sorrow, grief experiences that I carry in my heart?  What do I need to heal these?  What have they helped me understand better who I am?  How might I transform these into my personal strengths or my abilities to serve others in my world?


~~  What are my night dreams trying to tell me?  Are there recurring images or events?  Would I be interested in exploring dream metaphors to move toward healing and wholeness?


~~  Where does my attention go under stress? Can I learn to manage stress more effectively?


~~  What do I think about God and how is God present in the 21st century?


~~  When and how and where have I experienced God/the Divine in my life?


~~  How does God/the Holy invite me to go deeper to find purpose and meaning?


~~  What do I think about the after-life, evil, goodness, loving kindness, compassion, forgiveness, and the sacred in everyday experience?


~~  What are my questions about spiritual practice, finding a spiritual home?


~~  What are my questions about “call,” vocation, mission in life?


~~  How might I integrate my thinking, and my emotions?  Do I mostly pay attention to my head, my heart or my gut instinct?


~~  What immediate “calls to change or growth” have I been experiencing this current year?  What obstacles do I experience?  How can I move through the obstacles and find stepping stones to growth?


~~  As a member of a spiritual community, what issues are a challenge?  Might a spiritual director / mentor help?


~~  How do I think a spiritual director / companion / guide / mentor might best facilitate personal and spiritual growth for me at this time of my life?